How Video Can Boost Employee Engagement

With today’s complex business environment, keeping the workforce happy, motivated and productive is more challenging than ever. But employers may have found a new tool in boosting the ever-elusive measure of employee engagement.

According to a recent survey from Ragan Communications, 74 percent of communications employees say they use video for employee engagement initiatives. The survey polled 713 internal communications professionals from companies of varying size.

The move toward video as a tool for employee engagement highlights a logical step for employers. Given the rise of technology use — namely younger workers’ penchant to engage with it via smartphone or tablet — it seems fitting that companies might turn to video in an effort to help increase a talent measure most human resources professionals have struggled to promote.

Nationwide employee engagement hovers around just 30 percent, according to the most recent figures from Gallup, which measures employee engagement annually.

Using video is one thing. Doing it right is another. Here are some ways video can promote employee engagement.

Improve Collaboration — Today’s workforce is more dispersed than ever, with vast networks of global offices, employees in field offices or telecommuting from home. And more and more, those employees are using mobile devices to communicate.

Video is effective in connecting disparate employees; more effective and personal than email or conference calls. The Ragan survey, for example, found 98 percent of companies using video today are producing webcasts, followed by live-streamed events (45 percent) and audio with slides (41 percent).

Deeper Employee with Senior Management Engagement — About half of survey respondents said video was effective in connecting employees with senior executives. In fact, the survey showed this as the greatest benefit of employee-focused webcasts.

Empower Mobile Employees — Mobile employees are on the rise. The number of employees using mobile devices is exploding and, according to a study by technology firm Citrix, 83 percent of organizations will have implemented mobile work-styles by the end of 2014.

Moreover, the Ragan survey found that 42 percent of companies using video for employee engagement are delivering content via tablets, while 35 percent are streaming to smartphones.

Strengthen Communications with Remote Employees — All employees want to feel they have a voice, which can be challenging for remote employees. Video is inclusive, and the survey results validate this with respondents using video claiming a 90 percent effectiveness rate in engaging remote employees.

As a Social Tool — According to the survey, 56 percent of those companies using video are using it as a tool to capture employees’ interests. This is due to its inherently social and interactive nature. Employees can view, share, post comments or questions, and even record a response with their own opinion or insight. Savvy companies might encourage employees to engage with video content through comments and interaction and create their own content.

Vern Hanzlik is the executive vice president and general manager of Qumu, a video platform provider. He can be reached at