The Week That Was

This weekend marks the longest day of the year. Maximize the extra sunlight by reading these top five stories from for the week of June 16.

1. How to Start Anything: Want to initiate a new program? Here are some key things to look at if you want it to be successful, writes Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

2. Employers Engage on Engagement: Companies lean heavily on recognition, work-life balance and wellness to promote engagement, yet undervalue such factors when it comes to measurement. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has the story.

3. Life of a Salesman: According to author Dan Pink, everyone is engaged in ‘non-sales selling’ — moving people, garnering buy-in and, in the case of HR, fighting for a seat at the table. Talent Management editor Ladan Nikravan has the interview.

4. Study Reveals Top 10 Productivity Killers at Work: Personal use of technology is one of the leading culprits behind unproductive activity at work, according to a new study.

5. People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It: Having passion for what they do is what separates an average recruiter from a great one, according to blogger Elaine Orler.

In Other News …

People are working less and sleeping more.

According to Labor Department data profiled by The Wall Street Journal this week, Americans aged 14 and older slept for an average of eight hours and 44 minutes and worked for three hours and 28 minutes last year.

“That is 14 minutes less work a day and 10 minutes more sleep than when the survey began a decade earlier, and a bit less work and more sleep than in 2012,” the Journal report said.

Also, Americans’ No. 1 hobby: watching television.

Read more here.

Also, how to succeed when you’re not good at anything, via Business Insider. Read here.