ManpowerGroup: HR Must Evolve to Tackle Global Talent Shortages

Milwaukee — June 17

Talent management research firm ManpowerGroup has identified three distinct roles human resources leaders must play to ensure talent sustainability for their organizations in its new paper, “The Talent Shortage Continues: How the Ever Changing Role of HR Can Bridge the Gap.”

ManpowerGroup’s annual “Talent Shortage Survey,” released on May 30, highlighted that the global talent shortage is at a seven-year high, as 36 percent of employers globally cannot fill open jobs. HR leaders, according to ManpowerGroup, are the one group with the expertise and influence to reshape their companies’ talent.

HR leaders can bridge the skills gap by evolving their role in three ways:

Supply and demand experts: HR leaders must provide market intelligence supported by relevant data, understanding their internal and external talent supply and how forces are shaping the availability of required skills.
Marketers: In a world of talent shortages, HR’s role has expanded to include attracting and retaining customers — in the same way that marketers segment and target consumers of the company’s products and services.
Designers: A different way of thinking is required to cultivate communities of work and balance the employment mix to include contingent, fully outsourced, partially retired and other workers.

Source: ManpowerGroup