The Week That Was

Take a break from World Cup action this weekend to read these top five stories from for the week of June 9.

1. Maintaining Office Productivity During Vacation SeasonEvery employee needs and deserves time off as a way to unplug from work responsibilities, recharge physically and emotionally, and return to work full of energy and fresh ideas. Robert Hosking has the story.

2. Mobile Looms, Yet HR Lags: Some HR executives see the value of mobile-enabled recruiting and open enrollment, but by and large, the greater possibilities of mobility are still not widely recognized. Talent Management columnist Lisa Rowan has more.

3. One Simple Rule for HR Happiness: Happiness is complicated, but using your strengths is a sure way to improve your outlook, according to blogger Dan Bowling.

4. The 7 Rules for Selecting Global HR Technology: HR technology fit for an increasingly global environment should satisfy a comprehensive set of criteria. Does yours stack up? Zach Thomas has the story.

5. Overcoming Stereotypes to Attract Great Talent: There are many valid reasons for people to be re-entering the workforce after an absence, and employers should not let stereotypes get in the way of hiring. Blogger Allison O’Kelly has more.

In Other News …

Young people don’t want to work for the government. According to an article from The Wall Street Journal this week, the percentage of government employees under age 30 hit an eight-year low in 2013, at just 7 percent of its workforce.

That compares with roughly 25 percent of the workforce from the private sector being under age 30. Why don’t young people want to work for the government? The reasons, according to the article, are mostly obvious. Young people simply aren’t attracted to the prospect of working for a large, top-down bureaucratic organization.

Read more here.

Also, how to always win at rock-paper-scissors, courtesy of Business Insider. Because it’s Friday. Watch the video here.