Survey: 41 Percent of Firms Saw Increased Relocation in 2013

Evansville, Ind. — April 28

According to a survey by moving company Atlas Van Lines, 41 percent of firms saw relocation volumes increase in 2013.

Mid-size and large firms experienced the greatest gains overall, with nearly half seeing more relocations and more than a third seeing budget increases in 2013. Additionally, 37 percent of firms saw international relocation volumes increase.

Expectations for 2014 remain positive, according to the survey, with the majority of firms expecting volumes and budgets to stay at 2013 levels. Moreover, 25 percent or more presume further increases in relocation volumes both overall and internationally.

The Midwest (35 percent) remains the most popular destination within the U.S., the survey showed, but the South (30 percent) and Northeast (28 percent) are not far behind. Within a single country, U.S. ranks third (18 percent) behind Western Europe (22 percent) and Asia (27 percent) for the most relocations in 2013.

Asia remains the most frequent relocation destination (32 percent) for transferees relocating from the U.S. to another country or region. Western Europe (24 percent) and United Kingdom (22 percent) complete the top three most popular destinations for transferees relocating internationally from the U.S., according to the survey.

Source: Atlas Van Lines