The Week That Was

Make your mother happy this weekend and read these top five stories from for the week of May 5.

1. Rethinking Performance Management | VideoTalent Management editor Frank Kalman speaks with international management consultant Aubrey Daniels on the state of performance management.

2. Want to Be a CHRO? Stay on the Move: Experts say talent leaders with broad HR experience provide a fresh perspective to companies increasingly vying to stay agile. Freelance journalist Sarah Fister Gale has the story.

3. Finding Your Next Job: In the past it was common for human resources professionals to stick with one industry for an entire career. But times have changed, and today such longevity can be seen as detrimental, writes Sarah Fister Gale.

4. Who’s the One With the Problem?: There is almost always a discrepancy between the self we think we are and the self the rest of the world sees. Taking the time to compare these two personas can help in the development of more effective leadership behaviors. Talent Management columnist Marshall Goldsmith has more.

5. Caring for the Community Has Talent Impact: Charisse R. Lillie, vice president of community investment at Comcast, discusses how volunteerism can boost workplace morale. Talent Management editor Eric Short has the story.

In Other News …

The corporate world has come a long way in accepting LGBT workers. But for some in the gay, lesbian and transgender community, coming out in the workplace in still a challenge, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal this week.

In many instances, the issue is cultural; young employees entering finance, for example, fear that coming out about their sexual orientation will go against the firm’s culture. Others don’t want to come out because they think it could potentially distract from future career achievements and advancement within the company.

Read more here.

Also, five proven methods to beat procrastination, via Business Insider. Read here.