The Week That Was

End March on the right note with these top five stories from for the week of March 24.

1. Good Mentors Must Kindle Kinship Early: What does rapport building entail for a mentor? How does the mentor establish early kinship, trust and comfort? Talent Management columnist Marshall Goldsmith has more.

2. The Madness of Outdated Management: Failure to focus on results rather than face time, and to pay enough attention to esprit de corps, are more damaging than time lost to the March Madness basketball tournament, argues John Challenger. Talent Management editor Ed Frauenheim has the interview.

3. Firms Grapple With March Madness: The annual college basketball tournament has managers on edge fearing loss of productivity. Companies are better off embracing the tournament than shunning it. Talent Management editor Eric Short has the story.

4. It’s About Skills, Not Jobs: A constantly shifting market means workforce planning should rely on talents needed rather than jobs to be filled.

5. 5 Next Steps When Letting Employees Go: Letting employees go is never easy. Talent leaders can minimize potential conflict and maintain a positive relationship moving forward by following these steps. Val Matta has the story.

In Other News …

Is there anything more important in business than the email subject line? Probably. But don’t underestimate its power. With the volume of corporate emails we all send likely reaching into the hundreds — and for some, thousands — each week, being persuasive with the subject line can often mean the difference between that person reading your email or letting it go to the junk folder.

The Wall Street Journal examined the art of the email subject line here this week.

Also, four reasons why hiring an assistant is a bad idea, via Business Insider.