The Week That Was

Now that daylight savings time is here there are no more excuses for not staying up late and reading these top five stories from for the week of March 10.

1. The Broadening Definition of Disability: New rules increase the number of people entitled to federal protections, and unknowing employers may find themselves in court. Talent Management editor Max Mihelich has the story.

2. Using Performance Reviews to Build Talent | Video: Editor Frank Kalman interviews Chris Cabrera, the CEO and founder of Xactly Corp., on how new performance management thinking can help better evaluate talent.

3. The Recruiting Numbers Game: Companies are using workforce analytics to find better candidates, cut costs and stamp out inefficiencies. Talent Management freelance journalist Sarah Fister Gale has more in this issue’s special report on talent acquisition.

4. Analytics for Recruiting in Six Easy Steps: Workforce analytics has the potential to play a huge role in recruiting — if companies can figure out how to do it. Sarah Fister Gale has more.

5. Racking Up Recruiting Success at Rackspace: The IT company solved its talent shortage by turning its training model inside out. Talent Management editor Mike Prokopeak has more in this issue’s cover story case study.

In Other News …

Wearable fitness trackers are all the rage these days, and as The Wall Street Journal profiled earlier this week, CEOs are at the forefront of the fad. According to the article, CEOs from Dell to are activity tracking their exercise and sleep patterns, engaging in competition with one another, and using the trackers to better manage their health against the often-hectic lives that come with being a top company executive. Read more here.

Also, the top 10 business schools, according to Business Insider. Read here.