The Week That Was

We’re getting an extra hour of daylight Sunday evening. Make good use of it by reading these top five stories from for the week of March 3.

1. Coaching a Struggling Sales Team: When an organization’s sales team is stumbling, the smart strategy is to coach each member for increased productivity and success. Charles Sujansky, CEO of KEYGroup, an international speaking, consulting, assessment and training company, has the story.

2. Is Big Data Really About Data?: The data explosion is teaching us a new vocabulary, writes Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

3. Racking Up Recruiting Success at Rackspace: The IT company solved its talent shortage by turning its training model inside out. Editor Mike Prokopeak has this issue’s cover story case study.

4. Survey: Firms With Strong Health Cultures Lead to Healthier Employees: Employees who perceive their organizations as having a strong culture of health are happier, less stressed and more likely to take control of their well-being than employees in other organizations, a new survey suggests.

5. Six Ways to Empower Employees to Take Initiative: The “it’s not my job” attitude is more than just an employee career killer; it’s a symptom of a much larger organizational problem. Workers who simply do their jobs and nothing more do not contribute to company growth. Joel Garfinkle, an executive coach and the author of “Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level,” has the story.

On Another Note …

Average Joes aren’t the only people who have to put in time when looking for a new job. As The Wall Street Journal profiles this week, even CEOs who’ve been ousted or leave a company often spend many hours and months researching positions, networking and looking for a new top job. Sure, a lot of them take time away for lavish travel, and many of them maybe never again need to work a day in their life. But many former CEOs crave work, and the job search for another top job isn’t always as easy as a phone call. Read more here.


Also, eight lies interviewers tell job candidates, via Business Insider. Read here.