What We Do Matters: Paying It Forward by Giving Back

Hire Dynamics was conceived with humble beginnings — seven employees and $1 million in debt. In 2001, when my college roommate and now CFO, Jon Neff, and I founded our business, we were astonished at how open the industry was in terms of sharing ideas and advice on how to make your business better and thoughts from industry veterans on how to succeed. As we believe that what we do matters, I’m excited to now give back to the staffing world and team up with Talent Management to offer insight on workforce strategy, the Affordable Care Act and other timely issues.

Built on the principle of loyalty — to our clients, internal staff and the talent we place — our commitment to putting our people first has led Hire Dynamics to become an award-winning loyalty leader both locally and nationally. As the current chairman of the American Staffing Association, when needs arise (e.g., 13 million unemployed with 3 million jobs going unfilled every day), I have found myself in a great position with my colleagues when it comes to clients, talent and education — making those three aspects of staffing work together to fill the gaps.

I am excited to be writing for Talent Management’s blog because there is something so constructive about sharing information and ideas through a forum such as this. Professionals with similar interest and expertise can add much to the national conversation, and I hope that will be the case here.

What we do as an industry matters. What we do as professionals matters. What we do as companies matters. The job outlook is slowly improving, but the U.S. still has a deep hole to climb out of as 10.2 million Americans are still unemployed, and it will likely take until 2016 before total jobs reach their pre-recession level. This means that at the current pace, we will not hit 5 percent unemployment until at least the year 2020.

This means new workforce strategies become a bigger part of the discussion, as does making sure we and our clients are adapting accordingly. There are four key trends in the U.S. workforce that play a role in how companies are staffing these days:

  1. An increase of part-time workers in the talent mix.
  2. A shift to a more contingent, flexible workforce.
  3. The changing role of independent contractors.
  4. The functions of outsourcing (both locally and offshore).

There are pros and cons for each, and varying nuances at play for the different industries and company sizes. We have a lot to discuss here!

I look forward to sharing knowledge and working together to recognize and find solutions to common problems we are all facing. I also look forward to engaging in the ensuing discussion on some of the biggest issues we are facing. Have some thoughts and ideas about what you want to read? I welcome you to share them here.