Survey Shows Bosses Treating Employees Badly

Coventry, England — Feb. 18

Many employees (41 percent) have been shouted at by their boss in the course of a work-related discussion in the latest findings of a survey by recruitment firm FindEmployment, with 12 out of every hundred employees have been sworn at and verbally abused by a superior at their company and 8 percent reporting being blackmailed or threatened by their employer.

Furthermore, in additional voluntary comments by employees, managers were commonly noted to have:

• Reduced employees salary without reason or authorization — 3 percent
• Made employees work unpaid overtime — 4 percent
• Do their bosses work as well as their own — 5 percent
• Boss repeatedly belittled workers in front of colleagues — 12 percent

When asked the question, “What is the worst thing your boss has ever made you do in the course of your work?”:

• Employee was asked to deliberately overcharge a client so the boss could keep the extra
• To sack a co-worker on the bosses behalf
• Manager publicly threw the employees work into the office trash
• Employee was made to lie on the company’s timecards to the state
• Worker forced to endure excessive paint fumes at work
• Lie to clients to protect the image of the company
• Employee was asked to “dumb down” and minimize his experience at work in front of clients
• Boss withheld an agreed promotion for over two years
• Employee was instructed to return to work the moment he was discharged from hospital