The Week That Was

Please do not try replicating the Super-G seen on the Winter Olympics at home. A much safer option: Read these top five stories from for the week of Feb. 10.

1. To ‘Rank and Yank’ or Not: Does your organization need forced ranking? An overlooked source of guidance sits within your quality improvement framework. Talent Management columnist John Boudreau has more.

2. Cisco: Divide and Conquer: By farming out HR’s transactional duties to another department, Cisco says it saved money, freed up talent management professionals to think strategically and boosted employee satisfaction with HR. Editor Ladan Nikravan has more in this issue’s cover story case study.

3. Three Ways to Leverage Online Mentoring: Job aid guides, lists of best practices and collaborating with peers are key to using technology to meet daily workplace challenges, writes Sunil Gupta, best-selling author of “Sharpening Your SAS Skills,” a global corporate trainer and founder of and Gupta Programming.

4. Report: Stress Neglected at Work: Stress is the most overlooked concern in the workplace, according to a recent report, with health and safety professionals saying companies need to pay more attention to the impact of stress on employees.

5. Leveling the Learning Field: Mentoring at its best is a partnership like two dancers perfectly in sync. Partnership learning positions both parties — mentor and protege — on a journey of discovery. Talent Management columnist Marshall Goldsmith has more.

In Other News …

Want to become a commercial airline pilot for a regional airline? Think again.

According to an article from The Wall Street Journal this week, the average starting salary for a first year regional airline co-pilot is just $22,400. What’s more, the paltry salaries are threatening to be a major pain in the neck for the industry at large, the Journal reports, as regional airlines are integral to the system. Read more here.

Business Insider on why Netflix doesn’t hire interns or entry-level developers. Read here.