Survey Shows Relationship Divide Among Workers, Bosses

Coventry, England — Feb. 11

Almost one in every four employees (39 percent) thinks their boss dislikes them, according to a new survey.

Moreover, 52 percent of workers rate the access they have to their boss as satisfactory, with a further 8 percent rating their access as poor, in the latest survey conducted by FindEmployment.

However, only 2 out of 100 respondents claimed their ability to connect with their superior was terrible and a 39 percent recorded their relationship with their boss as excellent. About 27 percent of workers are unsure if their boss trusts them to do their job or feel constantly micromanaged and criticized.

In addition, one fifth of survey respondents (20 percent) reported that they had directly experienced being excluded from an important project by their boss, while 22 percent of workers communicated they had been subjected to an inaccessible and indifferent attitude and 13 in every 100 felt they have been intensively micromanaged at work.

Source: FindEmployment