Survey: Majority of Employees Experience Conflict at Work

Coventry, England — Feb. 5

According to a survey by recruitment company FindEmployment, 74 percent of employees report to have experienced conflict during the course of their career. Moreover, 43 percent of respondents rated the conflict as “minor,” with 37 percent stating the strife was “Medium” and 20 percent noting they had experienced “very serious” conflict at work.

The majority of employees have clashed with a colleague, with almost half (46 percent) admitting they have had a fight with a co-worker. Seventeen out of every 100 workers have had a battle with their boss, and a surprising 14 percent have exchanged heated words with a client of their company, the survey said.

When questioned as to who instigated the conflict, a large number of respondents blamed their co-worker for the argument (39 percent). Almost one-fifth (19 percent) accuse their boss as being the cause of the disagreement, while 12 percent insist it was their clients fault.

A minor disagreement was the most common event that led to the argument, with 28 percent of those surveyed. Almost a quarter (24 percent) noted that work related stress was the biggest contributing factor to the conflict they experienced. Additionally, 18 out of every 100 employees cited a continuously hostile working environment as the trigger for their battle. And 12 percent believe an accumulation of previous tensions contributed to the aggression.

Source: FindEmployment