The Week That Was

After Sunday, there’s no more professional football until the fall. But if you don’t like football, and you are looking for something to do while others enjoy the big game, here are the top five stories from for the week of Jan. 27.

1. 8 Signs It Is Time to Hire: A top performer feeling overworked is just one sign it may be time to hire more staff. Here are seven more reasons for talent managers to consider. Robert Hosking has the story.

2. Stacking Up Succession at Deloitte | Video: Kathy Krul, Deloitte’s associate director of global financial advisory talent, talks about the professional services firm’s succession planning process with Talent Management’s Ladan Nikravan.

3. Keeping Up With the Demand for Talent: While most organizations recognize the need to identify and develop future leaders, many struggle to do so. Among the problems are inconsistency in search criteria and inability to forecast potential. Kip Michael Kelly has more.

4. Half of Interviewers Know a Good Fit Within 5 Minutes: Mistakes candidates made during interviews include asking for a hug and bringing personal photos.

5. Survey: Many Employed Workers Haven’t Sought a Job in Years: Nearly half of employed workers say it’s been at least five years since they last looked for a new job, according to a new survey.

In Other News …

President Obama outlined a convincing case for why employers should not discriminate in their hiring against the long-term unemployed in the annual State of the Union Address. He even said companies like P&G and Xerox Corp. have committed to hiring policies that do not discriminate against this type of candidate.

In an essay for The Wall Street Journal, one CEO outlines the case for why companies should be interested in hiring long-term unemployed workers. Some of the advantages this CEO points out: Candidates who have been out for work for a while bring energy, fresh perspectives and loyalty, and they also might bring with them a load of new business contacts they acquired during their job search. Read more here.


Also, Business Insider brings us the most creative resumes they’ve seem. Click here to watch the slide show.