The Week That Was

If it seems like January is dragging, that’s because it is. Fill the empty time with these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 21.

1. The Model for Great Mentoring: Mentoring is an honor. Except for love, there is no greater gift one can give another than the gift of growth, writes Talent Management columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

2. Half of Interviewers Know a Good Fit Within 5 Minutes: Mistakes candidates made during interviews include asking for a hug and bringing personal photos.

3. Amazon’s Raise the Bar Program: Overkill, Wrong Focus?: Amazon has gotten attention for having employees evaluate candidates, but the company’s low retention makes blogger Aubrey Daniels wonder if it is working.

4. Beneath the Hood of Twin Trends: Analytics and gamification, two of the hottest tactics in people management technology, are moving from the realm of hype to a source of help. Writer Sarah Fister Gale has more.

5. How to Have a Coaching Conversation: The tenor of a coaching conversation can make all the difference in how employees accept feedback and, as a result, performance management. Terence Traut, president of Entelechy Inc., a training and performance improvement company, has the story.

In Other News …

What happens when your company has a bring your own device policy and you either leave the company or are terminated? Don’t be surprised if your phone is completely wiped clean, even as you may be sitting in a restaurant or out with friends, according to an article from The Wall Street Journal this week.

An unexpected consequence, the Journal article said, has arisen for workers who have seen their devices wiped clean during or after employment by firms looking to secure their data.

According to the Journal story, “the practice hangs in legal limbo at the moment, say employment lawyers and privacy advocates, thanks to the inability of legislation and case law to keep pace with innovation. The Society for Human Resource Management in November warned its members that phone wiping ‘will likely be tested through the courts in the days and months ahead.'”

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Also, how a snowstorm can actually make your company more productive, via Business Insider. Read more here.