Three Tips for Better Gaming

To avoid landing in the pile of failed HR gamification applications, follow this simple but important advice.

Set a business objective. The best HR gamification applications align the game goals with specific behaviors, such as earning points for getting performance reviews done early, said Enzo Silva, senior instructional designer for software company SuccessFactors. “It’s about tying that behavior to the mission of the game.”

Make it simple. Gamification fails when the point system is so complicated that users don’t understand what they are earning, or HR managers spend all their time trying to tally people’s scores, said Dan Debow, senior vice president at “It must be simple and intuitive to work.”

Make it social. When you engage enterprise social media platforms to create leader boards and show employees how their peers are doing, it motivates everyone to try harder, Silva said. “By pulling in a social aspect, it turns a personal challenge into a collective challenge.”

— Sarah Fister Gale