Survey: Mid-Management Jobs Phasing Out

New York — Nov. 8

Middle-management jobs are rapidly decreasing in relative popularity, according to a recent survey.

November data from job matching service TheLadders shows that the growth rate of titles containing the word “manager” is 25 percent lower than average growth rate, and the rate of titles containing the word “director” is 50 percent lower. What’s more, within the top 10 percent of growing jobs, less than 2 percent of titles contain the word “manager” or “director.”

Conversely, the fastest-growing jobs shy away from management, and instead require deep educational qualifications and specific skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, often known as STEM.

With seven of the 10 fastest-growing job titles, the technology industry dominates market share with positions that necessitate specific technical skills for developing software and mining data. Indicating a trend beyond employment, four of the seven fastest-growing technology jobs did not exist on TheLadders survey five years ago.

Fastest-growing jobs titles on TheLadders from 2008 through 2013:

1. Dev Ops Engineer
2. iOS Developer
3. Data Scientist
4. UX Designer
5. Staff Accountant
6. Paralegal
7. UI Developer
8. Administrative Assistant
9. Android Developer
10. Business Intelligence Developer

Regarding location, technology-driven regions are benefiting from this evolution more than others. Because of the recent explosion of technology companies comprising Silicon Alley, New York City has the biggest share of this expansion, followed by the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, D.C., and Dallas-Fort Worth region.

On an ongoing basis, TheLadders conducts primary user-experience research and analyzes quantitative data provided by its more than 6 million members to educate the company about current behavioral trends in the job-search process. TheLadders uses this research to improve the customer experience and provide expert advice to the marketplace.

Source: TheLadders