Special Report: Learning and Development

Part One: L&D’s Big Data Moment

The era of big data promises to make employee learning faster, better and cheaper, provided organizations invest in the skill sets and critical thinking needed to grapple with sophisticated data analytics.

Part Two: Big Learning Data?

Given HR’s relative inexperience with sophisticated analytics, it’s fair to question if the data collected about employees is really big data, particularly when it comes to learning and development.

Part Three: Analytical Thinking for L&D

Beyond programs and measures, big data is also prompting learning and development departments to develop deeper analytic skills.

Sidebar: The Three V’s and L&D

In a 2001 report, Gartner analyst Doug Laney identified three characteristics of the complex, often large data sets that were emerging out of e-commerce. Those “three V’s” have become shorthand for many people to describe big data.