The Week That Was

Good thing you’re not one of the those last-minute Christmas shoppers — more time to read these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 18 this weekend.

1. Should Salaries Be Transparent?: With young workers craving more access to information online, and employers wanting to compare salary packages to competitors, adopting a transparent salary policy may give each party what they want. Talent Management editor Jessica DuBois-Maahs has the story.

2. How to Quit Your Job, Start Consulting and Actually Make Money: Many people who tire of the corporate world decide to go into consulting, but most of these businesses fail. Blogger Dan Bowling has advice for doing it the right way.

3. Social Recruiting: The New Normal: Social media picked up steam as a recruitment tool in 2013. Where is the medium headed, and what does this mean for some of the more traditional industry norms? Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

4. The Power of the Question: Blogger Aubrey Daniels says questions can be a strong reinforcer of positive performance.

5. Facebook Engages Younger Workers in Benefits Discussion: After struggling with traditional methods, Aeropostale found success communicating with pregnant workers through the social networking site. Talent Management editor Mary Camille Izlar has the story.

In Other News …

Wanting to figure out how much to spend on gifts for co-workers this holiday season? The Wall Street Journal has you covered here. Also, the Journal reports that MBA hiring is not weakening, but not getting stronger either, prompting the newspaper’s clever headline writers to sum the story up in one word: meh.


Also, here are the most popular business books of 2013, courtesy of Business Insider.