Survey: One-Third of Midsized Firms Fined for Noncompliance in the Last Year

Roseland, N.J. — Dec. 19

According to a recent ADP study, 30 percent of midsized companies reported unintended expenses, including fines, penalties or lawsuits, in the past 12 months due to noncompliance with government workforce and payroll regulations.

The study found that 83 percent of midsized business owners are confident their firms are compliant with payroll tax laws and regulations. Similarly, 80 percent of respondents felt the same about government workforce regulations, such as those related to 401(k) plan management and workers’ compensation.

ADP’s study also found that nearly one-third of midsized firms fined or penalized in the past year reported an average of six fines or penalties with an average total cost of $91,300. Interestingly, midsized organizations processing payroll in-house received almost twice as many fines or penalties as those that outsource processing to a third party.

Complex legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, and growing pressure from global competition make regulatory compliance even more challenging for companies of all sizes. The same ADP study found that 70 percent of midsized business leaders expressed confidence that their firms would be in “complete compliance” with ACA, yet less than half expressed confidence in their firms’ understanding of all the new ACA regulations.

As midsized companies expand operations into multiple countries, they need integrated HCM tools to simplify compliance with diverse payroll laws and streamline reporting.

Source: ADP