No Tech Left Behind, Part 3: Ask Others for Help

Taking the time to catch up on the latest tech updates plus trading in a few bad habits helped me make a number of improvements to my technology investments. But remembering that technology will only work as well as your understanding of it, I decided to seek out some extra support.

On more than one occasion I’ve talked with other organizations that use the same technologies Talent Function does, attended webinars that explore advanced features and new updates and even engaged in a client forum or two. Even though I do my homework and enjoy the challenge of learning a new technology, it’s incredibly helpful to ask others for input and have them walk me through how they use the technology to explain why it works in their processes.

When I took on the task of maximizing my tech time earlier this year, I was overwhelmed. Between the updates, options and new networks, I had no insight to guide my path. So when I looked to master one of the newer social networks, I decided to call on my go-to people. Aided by their expertise, I learned how to effectively leverage the platform in tandem with my other networks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! This experience can be a bit humbling, but ultimately it will be very rewarding once you figure out how to maximize the tech without spending additional time trying to manage status updates, notifications, circles, contacts or any of the above.

Pay this forward into 2014 and leave no technology behind:

  • Carve out time to review and install new tech updates – otherwise you may miss that key feature you’ve been after.
  • Look for new ways to make the technology work by taking a giant step back and turning the solution on its side – not literally, of course.
  • When in doubt, call for reinforcements that can provide additional insight.

If all else fails and the technology can no longer meet your needs, then it’s definitely time to consider something new.

Tip No. 3: Compare notes, trade personal experiences and ask for help when you need it.