Deloitte Launches University for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Brussels — Dec. 16

Deloitte on Monday said it launched Deloitte University Europe, the Middle East and Africa, or DU EMEA, in an effort to help staff and clients navigate market changes.

DU EMEA’s curriculum is aimed to tailor to the region’s needs to develop the next generation of international business leaders and advisers. Located in Belgium, the university aims to build on the success of Deloitte University, or DU, launched two years ago in Westlake, Texas, which has been attended by more than 50,000 people from more than 70 countries.

A Deloitte spokeswoman declined to disclose how much the 50,000-square-foot facility cost to build. She said the space includes two auditoriums and 41 meeting rooms.

As with DU in the U.S., DU EMEA courses will be led by current Deloitte leaders who will share their knowledge and on-the-job experiences in a tailored classroom setting. Deloitte is working with Dolce Hotels and Resorts for the hosting of centrally organized training.

The programs within the DU EMEA curriculum were designed to ensure that learning remains an integral part of the workplace and is practically applied in the most effective way. The curriculum includes business development, leadership, and functional and industry learning.

Source: Deloitte