The Week That Was

Santa Claus is coming to town. Well, not yet. But still — aren’t you excited?! Santa! Anyway, read these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 9 until he gets here.

1. Stack Ranking: Morale Killer or Necessity?: Stack ranking can help management reward high performers and identify poor fit, but it also threatens to reduce collaboration and create ill will. Talent Management editor Mary Camille Izlar has more.

2. Leaders Developing Leaders: Make It Personal: Organizations often struggle to develop effective leadership programs. But instead of spending time developing complex frameworks, they should provide personalized opportunities and give direct feedback and coaching. Steve Parker, former HR practitioner and the vice president of solution marketing at software company SumTotal Systems, has the story.

3. How Careers Become Voyages at Marriott International: Marriott needed an onboarding and career development platform to replace its paper-intensive one. Here’s how the hotel’s solution became one of its primary recruiting tools. Tom Masotto, vice president of product management for virtual communication company ON24, has more.

4. Technology’s Positive and Negative Effects on Behavior: Technology is wonderful as an HR tool, but there are some not-so-nice side effects when technology comes to human behavior, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

5. Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: Is your human resources organization deciding how emerging trends like gamification, big data, open innovation and mass customization apply to HR and workplace issues? John Boudreau and Ian Ziskin have the story.

In Other News …

General Motors named Mary Barra its next chief executive this week — big news for an industry mostly dominated by men at the top. The Wall Street Journal goes more in depth on the milestone at the auto maker.


Also, Business Insider has some interesting articles this week relevant to the workforce and talent management space. The first one deals with signs you should not take a job. The second one predicts the best companies to work for in 2014.