The Week That Was

I usually like to spend the weekend before Thanksgiving with a nice juice cleanse and reading these five stories from for the week of Nov. 18. But that’s just me.

1. Embracing the Transformation From Leader to Mentor: Those leaders who want to survive must transform themselves into mentors whose sole purpose is to breed success in those they lead. Talent Management blogger Aubrey Daniels has more.

2. Yahoo: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Yahoo has begun ranking its employees on a curve, which blogger Aubrey Daniels says goes against commonly accepted theories about motivation.

3. Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow: As recruiting teams reinvigorate talent acquisition, they should keep an eye on brand strategy, application processes and onboarding, writes Angela Hills, executive vice president and commercial business leader with Pinstripe Inc., a global recruitment process outsourcing and strategic talent management company.

4. Compensation: Pay Now or Pay Later: Salary and benefits can reduce turnover and promote high performance, but regular communication and assessment must ensure they are working for the company’s interests. Rebecca Bentz, associate editor at compliance consultancy J. J. Keller & Associates Inc., has more.

5. Has Goldman Sachs Wimped Out?: Goldman Sachs is telling young workers to take weekends off. Blogger Dan Bowling hopes this is a sign of progress in corporate America.

In Other News …

Workplace aggression is reaching new levels — levels seen only on reality television.

That’s right. Want to fight a co-worker who has been bugging you for years for not turning in his or her projects on time? Take it to the boxing ring. The Wall Street Journal writes this week about “White Collar Brawlers,” airing Tuesday on the Esquire Network, a show in which feuding co-workers train to fight each other in a boxing ring. You just can’t make this stuff up. Read more here.


Also, Best Buy made one big change that’s saving its business, and Business Insider has the story. Read here.