The Week That Was

In honor of Columbus day, read these top five stories from and discover new talent management knowledge.

1. Survey: Soft Skills Make Up the Biggest Competency Gap: Ninety-two percent of senior executives in the U.S. acknowledge there is a serious gap in workforce skills, according to a recent survey.

2. Performance Reviews Don’t Meet Expectations: The traditional performance review is becoming a relic. Today’s organizations thrive on agility and alignment. The process of measuring employee performance should do the same. Talent Management editor Ladan Nikravan has more in this issue’s special report on performance management.

3. When Hiring, Know More, Guess Less: Finding new workers is complicated. Follow these five tips to mitigate the risk of a bad hire, writes Jazmine Boatman, who manages DDI’s Center for Applied Behavioral Research, has more.

4. It’s Not Just About Performance: Time to Think Differently: In 1950, Congress passed the Performance Rating Act. The law was meant to establish a method to rate federal employees. Editor Ladan Nikravan has more in this issue’s special report.

5. Hiring Is No Big Deal for Horseshoe Casino: Caesars Entertainment needed to identify 700 potential table dealers and supervisors skilled at customer service and motivated to sign on for a 12-week training academy. Here’s what they did.

In Other News …

Business Insider takes a look at the 11 cities where pay is growing the most. Topping the list: San Francisco, Baltimore and Seattle. Read the full list here.


Also, conventional wisdom says having a commute to work is a bad thing. Not so fast, says this article in The Wall Street Journal profiling people with moderately long commutes who are happy about it. The article says people with modest and, in some instances, even long commutes find productivity with that time. Some find solace in being able to use time on long train rides to read or think, while others who drive say being strategic about when they leave allows them to beat bad traffic and get work done at home beforehand or get calls in to clients as they drive. Read the entire story here.