Job Prospects to Remain Stable to End the Year

Chicago — Oct. 3

One-in-four employers plan to add full-time, permanent headcount in the fourth quarter, relatively unchanged from the year-earlier period.

Industries expected to outpace the national average for companies hiring include information technology (36 percent), financial services (32 percent) and manufacturing (30 percent). Hiring among large health care organizations is expected to mirror the national average.

The national survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive from Aug. 13 to Sept. 6 and included a sample of 2,099 hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes.

Twenty-eight percent of employers added full-time, permanent headcount in the third quarter. This is down from 32 percent last year and indicative of a market that, while stable, still wrestles with uncertainty. Eleven percent decreased headcount, compared to 12 percent in 2012. Sixty percent made no change to staff levels while 1 percent were unsure.

Looking ahead, 25 percent of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees, similar to the 26 percent of companies who planned to hire during the same period in 2012. Nine percent expect to downsize staffs, the same as last year, and 61 percent anticipate no change while five percent are undecided.

Source: Career Builder Inc.