Survey: U.S. Workers Largely Satisfied with Work-Life Balance

Raleigh, N.C. — Sept. 30

October marks the 10-year anniversary of National Work and Family Month, a time when businesses, advocacy groups, academic institutions and individuals are called upon to strategically think about work-life balance.

Are employees happy with their boundaries between work and home? What can employers do to make employees feel more satisfied with time spent both in and out of the office?

A national poll from Workplace Options reveals that, for the most part, U.S. workers are satisfied with work-life balance.

Poll results showed:

• Fifty nine percent of respondents do not wish they had more of a boundary between work and family.
• Sixty two percent do not feel pressured to respond to work-related emails or phone calls outside of work hours.
• Just 27 percent feel that technology has worsened work-related stress.

Moreover, while the majority of respondents indicated that they are satisfied with their boundaries between work and family, taking time off is another story.

Poll results showed:

• More than half of respondents (58 percent) said that their employers do not encourage them to use paid time off and holidays.
• Forty five percent of respondents feel compelled to check in on work while on vacation; 34 percent feel that their supervisor expects them to do so.
• American workers feel most comfortable taking off a short amount of time from work: 71 percent feel comfortable taking one day off of work; 64 percent feel comfortable taking off a few days; 59 percent would feel comfortable taking a full week off of work; and just 39 percent feel comfortable taking off more than a full week.

Source: Workplace Options