Survey: Workers Put in Longer Hours than Five Years Ago

Milwaukee — Sept. 24

Employees are putting in longer hours than five years ago, according to a poll by Right Management, the talent and career management unit within ManpowerGroup.

Nearly four out of five surveyed workers said their organization’s employees spend more time on the job since the recession began in 2008. As many as 67 percent said they are spending “a great deal” more hours at work.

The online poll of 325 employees was conducted between Aug. 16 and Sept. 15.

Longer hours without a focus on engagement and motivation run the risk of driving disengagement. Employee engagement has been a longstanding focus for both HR and senior management. With streamlined operations, continued fiscal belt tightening and a workforce that is disgruntled and overly stressed, engagement is receiving a heightened focus.

Recent polls by Right Management have identified the growing pressure on workers. The data shows they rarely leave their desk for lunch. They respond to emails from the boss at all hours. They are not taking all their vacation time. And when others are laid off, the work they did must be shared by the remaining employees.

Source: Right Management