Research Uncovers Reasons People Get Let Go

Salt Lake City — Sept. 24

Leadership development firm Zenger Folkman has gathered data to find out what factors influence companies’ decision-making about which employees should be let go in the face of downsizing. The research shows some consistent aspects among the employees firms choose.

How can employees feel secure with their jobs? What helps to keep your name off that list? This may be very unsettling to many, but the good news is there are ways to gauge how secure an employee may be.

First, look around and measure what kind of support you have. Are you the lone person on the island or have you developed relationships with people who will speak on your behalf? Zenger Folkman found that those employees who were let go typically had no sponsor and poor interpersonal skills.

Next, be more strategic and open to change. You need to add value to the organization, not just keep your head down and get the work done. Look up, see the big picture and make it better. Be open to new approaches and be flexible. Those employees who weren’t adaptable were an easy target for downsizing.

Finally, while poor performance may not be the only reason people are fired, it is one of the main criteria. When employees struggle to consistently deliver results, they won’t remain long, even if they are likable.

Source: Zenger Folkman