The Week That Was

Looking for something to do between football games this weekend? Easy. Read these top five stories from for the week of Sept. 9.

1. What to Do When Turnover Turns Up: Turnover is a growing concern across all industries. Understanding the causes, trends, implications and retention strategies can facilitate effective talent leadership. Jennifer McPhee and Maryam Morse of the Hay Group have the story.

2. Shaping Performance Appraisals, One Step at a Time: Small changes can make a big difference in improving the performance appraisal process, according to blogger Aubrey Daniels.

3. How to Handle the Cost of Retaliation: Employee retaliation, a perceived or real act committed by an employer against an employee who has exercised his or her rights under the law, is on the rise. Here’s what employers need to know. Mike Schraer, a senior vice president and global employment practices liability product manager at the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, has more.

4. Survey: Younger Managers on the Rise: A growing percentage of Gen Y polled in a new survey said they’ve taken on management roles.

5. Labor Day, Fast Food Strikes and White Slacks: Blogger Dan Bowling explains the origin of Labor Day and the rights of workers, even those not in unions, to go on strike.

In Other News …

What’s the toughest hiring process you’ve been through? Did it involve a grueling behavioral interview, a night out to dinner and drinks with many potential bosses, then a morning of brain teasers and other assessments?

Compared to the interview and hire process at Trek Travel, a cycling vacation company, that sounds like a walk in the park. As Inc. profiled this week, Trek’s interview process includes multiple Skype interviews, an all-day on-site interview that includes exams in public speaking, food preparation, language testing, role playing and bike mechanic testing, as well as cocktails and dinner.

But that’s just the start. Find out the entirety of the company’s process by reading the full Inc. article here.


Also, what to do when co-workers won’t leave you alone at the office. The Wall Street Journal profiles some answers here.