ManpowerGroup: Asian Companies Must Prioritize Leadership Development

Dalian, China — Sept. 11

ManpowerGroup warns that businesses in Asia must prioritize developing high-potential leadership talent that can grow their organizations on a global scale and keep pace with the region’s rapid economic progress.

Nowhere in the world is the shortage of leaders more pronounced than in Asia. ManpowerGroup’s 2013 Talent Shortage Survey found that management and executives are fourth in the list of the region’s Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill, and a separate survey conducted by Right Management — a career management arm within ManpowerGroup — and the Conference Board found that 45 percent of Asian human resources executives said their leaders are either not prepared or only marginally prepared to address business challenges during the next one to two years.

As demand for local leaders has grown, the supply of available talent has remained low. Demographic shifts have contributed to this problem in countries such as China and Japan, where working populations are shrinking. In India, while there are large numbers of available candidates entering the employment market, too few of them have the skills and experience that companies are seeking, according to ManpowerGroup.

Source: ManpowerGroup