The Week That Was

Studies have proven that Labor Day cookouts are more fun when these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 26 are read beforehand. Really. Try it.

1. Big Data’s Taking Over: Will technology create superhero recruiters or anachronisms? Talent Management columnist John Boudreau explores.

2. Uncovering the Secrets of Leadership: To identify who has the potential to be a great leader, organizations should assess skills, experience and motivation. Doing so can help to improve operational efficiency, revenue and employee engagement. Matthew Such, director of professional services at SHL, a global talent measurement company, has more.

3. How to Leverage Top Performers in Recruiting: Sometimes the best way to recruit top external talent is to leverage and showcase high performers already in the organization, writes blogger Matt Tovrog.

4. Promoting Health and Collaboration at Schwan: As the Affordable Care Act approaches implementation, Scott Peterson, CHRO at The Schwan Food Co., highlights communication and community service to tie companywide values to wellness initiatives. Talent Management editor Jessica DuBois-Maahs has this issue’s cover profile.

5. Evolution’s Role in Measuring Leadership Performance: Companies spend countless hours and millions of dollars on cutting-edge technologies designed to boost employee retention, improve underperformers, uncover high-potential employees and track leader performance. Jackie VanBroekhoven, a corporate solutions consultant at consultancy Hogan Assessment Systems, has more.

In Other News …

What jobs are future-proof? Remember when an occultist, feather dresser and a lightning-rod maker were common jobs? You shouldn’t, because that might have been the case in 1850. Every talent management professional — if not every one — knows that most jobs have a shelf life.

But what kinds of jobs really are what The Wall Street Journal calls future-proof? Click here to find out.