Study: 82 Percent of Employees Stay Connected to the Office on Vacation

Atlanta — Aug. 26

As Labor Day weekend approaches, many workers are preparing to get a final taste of summer with trips to the beach with family and friends. However, a new survey from virtual meeting provider PGi found that 42 percent of U.S. employees choose to check in with the office once a day while on vacation, and 40 percent report checking in multiple times a day.

The findings illustrate a growing trend within the U.S. workforce, as only a small percentage of employees disconnect when on vacation. In fact, only 10 percent reported they “never” check in with the office, and another 8 percent reported they were unable to take a vacation.

Smartphones (40 percent) are the most common device employees bring with them to stay connected to work, followed by laptops (11 percent) and tablets (4 percent). Hyper-connected employees are also common, with 37 percent of respondents reporting they bring a smartphone, laptop and tablet with them on vacation to check in with the office.

Source: Premiere Global Services Inc.