Collaboration Technology: Increasing Connectivity and Innovation

Many organizations, striving to increase the flow of information and interactions among employees, are increasingly turning to collaboration technologies, either through existing talent management software that incorporates social and collaborative features, or standalone services that integrate with external applications.

Social media has changed the way people communicate, and companies have sought ways to incorporate the medium into the workplace in hopes that increased connectivity will speed the flow of information, help solve business problems and spur innovation.

Organizations are measuring the effect on employee engagement and where possible, on performance. But whatever the strategy, social is here to stay, particularly since Generation Y has come to expect it, said Claire Schooley, a senior talent management industry analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

“They want to be able to drive their own learning when they need information for their work,” Schooley said. “They like to have the resources there and decide which learning is appropriate for them based on what learning needs they have.”

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