Investment Banks Remain Top Employment Choice for MBAs

New York — Aug. 22

A survey of MBA students and graduates from Training The Street, or TTS, a corporate training provider for Wall Street firms, suggests that MBA candidates are receiving multiple offers as the banking industry continues to search for top talent.

Offers are coming from the large bulge bracket banks as well as non-investment banking financial firms, such as consulting and private-equity shops, according to the survey.

The fourth annual MBA employment survey from TTS also found that candidates are going on multiple interviews and receiving competitive job offers. Forty percent of those surveyed conducted between four and seven first-round interviews, 23 percent participated in one to three first-round interviews, 12 percent in eight to 10 and 19 percent participated in more than 10 interviews.

When asked about their satisfaction with their employment offers, 45 percent of respondents said they were “very satisfied,” with 32 percent answering “satisfied,” 15 percent “neutral” and only 8 percent “dissatisfied.”

The most aggressive recruiting came from large bulge bracket banks and consulting firms, with 48 percent and 35 percent of survey respondents, respectively, stating those firms have been actively recruiting them.

Boutique advisory firms and middle market banks were also heavily recruiting, with 27 percent of survey respondents stating such institutions have actively recruited them. Twenty-two percent said they had been approached by startups.

In terms of candidate sentiment, 22 percent of respondents said that large banks would be their top employment choice, while 19 percent would choose a consulting firm. Only 9 percent of those surveyed chose boutique advisory firms and middle market banks as their top choice, and just 5 percent selected startups as their top employment choice.

Source: Training The Street