The Week That Was

Curious what your peers are reading? Catch up on these top five articles on for the week of July 28.

1. Marissa Mayer’s Performance Review: Yahoo or No Clue? Changing corporate culture is a difficult task. Here’s what companies can learn from Marissa Mayer’s overhaul of Yahoo during her first year.

2. Creating the Right Recipe for Transformation. As senior vice president and CHRO for Hillshire Brands, Mary Oleksiuk is mixing in cultural and behavioral expectation ingredients to create a brand-new organization.

3. Talking: The Best-Kept Engagement Secret. Stress is taking its toll on employees. Managers have to be willing to talk over what’s right, what’s wrong, what could improve and how to do it to sustain engagement.

4. What’s Wrong With A Little Fun? Columnist Jac Fitz-enz says we should make time for small on-the-job breaks that are stimulating and fun and might have value for the organization.

5. The Latest Findings on Workplace Happiness. Blogger Dan Bowling reflects on how employee happiness impacts the workplace and what businesses can do to encourage it.