The Week That Was

Why hit the golf course when you could enjoy these top five stories from for the week of July 22?

1. Pay for Performance: Innovation Killer?: While pay for performance can induce higher levels of productivity, a new study suggests it may be a barrier to creativity and innovation. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

2. Are Stars Born or Made?: Potential doesn’t always lead to high performance. But organizations can replicate high performers’ results without the benefit of their innate talent and ability. Paul Elliott and Butler Newman have the story.

3. Manage Divided Loyalties During Leadership Transitions: Talent leaders can take these steps to mitigate the damage from power struggles and help the company get back on track. Charles W.B. Wardell III, Witt/Kieffer president and chief executive officer, has more.

4. How Men, Women Differ in Choosing Employers: There are significant gender differences when it comes to defining other elements of picking a place to work, according to a recent survey by Randstad US.

5. What Jobs Are Hardest to Fill?: More than a third of hiring managers report having positions that have remained open for 12 weeks or longer, according to new research by CareerBuilder.

In Other News …

Income mobility in the U.S. is largely dependent on location, according to this report this week from The New York Times. The odds of rising to another income level are notably low in certain cities, such as Atlanta and Charlotte, and much higher in New York and Boston.


Also, Wharton professor Adam Grant writes on LinkedIn how to get slacker employees to pull their weight.