The Week That Was

Summer heat too scorching for you? Stay out of the humidity by heading indoors to read these top five stories from for the week of July 15.

1. Take Steps to Protect Your Reputation: Columnist Marshall Goldsmith says when we take our leave of a job, either we jump or we are pushed. The decision is tough and sometimes we have to act swiftly.

2. Change or Die: An aggressive change agenda is a positive attribute that implies an environment where candidates can thrive and perform, writes Phil Buckley.

3. Saying ‘Thank You!’ for ‘New’ Recognition Research: One would think after decades of research and information about the effect of positive reinforcement on behavior that business leaders, of all people, would have caught on by now. Blogger Aubrey Daniels has more.

4. Office Perks Can’t Save a Poor Work Environment: Offering perks can entice employees to give their all at work, but only if their work is meaningful and they feel appreciated, writes Talent Management editor Jessica DuBois-Maahs.

5. The Most Popular Job Search Medium: Online Recruitment Platforms: Meanwhile, just 6 percent of respondents in a new survey reported using social media as part of their job hunt.

In Other News …

The lemonade stand, aside from being a fun way for kids to get out in the summer, has long been seen as a way for parents to teach their kin lessons in capitalism and business. But as this article from Slate points out convincingly, the lemonade stand is a terrible way to teach kids lessons in business. Most customers buy from lemonade stands because of the adorable kids selling.