The Week That Was

The long Fourth of July weekend is over, so catch up with these top five stories from for the week of July 8.

1. The Latest Findings on Workplace Happiness: Blogger Dan Bowling reflects on how employee happiness impacts the workplace and what businesses can do to encourage it.

2. ‘I Want to Quit (My Career)’: Blogger Deanna Hartley dissects a recent survey in which more than half of U.S. employees want to change not only their jobs, but their careers.

3. Former Groupon CEO Singing a New Tune: Talent Management editor Frank Kalman says former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s business self-help album is well done but also incredibly silly.

4. The Secret to Building Dream Teams: Learn how Reebok used pre-hire assessments to identify the behavioral attributes that support the company culture and individual job requirements.

5. Six Traps That Destroy Collaboration: Collaboration infuses energy and idea creation into companies. It also repels the stodginess, rigidity and traditional thinking that cause a company’s downfall.

In Other News …

Companies are increasingly turning to office health clinics — traditionally viewed in the same light as a school nurse’s office — as a place to assertively talk to employees about long-term, expensive conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, according to a report this week in The Wall Street Journal.

Also, The Journal put together this great interactive package aiming to take individuals through the details of the new health care law.


Fast Company writes that unlimited vacation time doesn’t create slackers — it ensures productivity.