The Week That Was

Cap off the month of June with these top five stories from for the week of June 24.

1. The Future of HR: What is the best way to ensure a sustainable, highly productive and engaged workforce? Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz has more.

2. Whistleblowers, Disgruntled Employees and You: How can talent managers deal with employees who feel their ethics have been compromised, like Edward Snowden? The long-term solution might require a culture change. Darnell Lattal, president and CEO of Aubrey Daniels International, has the story.

3. A Collaborative Approach to Well-Being: Humana’s Tim Huval: Humana CHRO Huval is building an HR infrastructure to support an organization that emphasizes preventive care and overall wellness. Talent Management editor Jennifer Kahn has more in this issue’s profile.

4. Talent Value vs. Talent Development: How to balance development and performance is as old as management itself, writes Talent Management columnist John Boudreau.

5. SHRM 2013: The Power of Selling; Concern About ACA: Talent Management editor Frank Kalman breaks down some of the themes from the second day of the annual HR confab, which took place last week in Chicago.

In Other News …

It’s become a tradition of sorts — going out with colleagues after the day’s work to grab a drink at a local bar. But increasingly, as The Wall Street Journal reported this week, more and more companies are bringing the bar to the office, offering in-house access to Happy Hour with the hope that the perk acts as an attraction tool as well as keeps workers at the office longer commingling with co-workers about work-related things.

Employment experts point to a number of risks, however, like the potential for an uptick in drunk driving and sexual harassment. Also, embracing the practice might exclude workers who don’t drink.

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