The Week That Was

The first official weekend of summer is here, so soak in the sun with these top five stories from the week of June 17.

1. Breaking News: Employees Are Not Thrilled With Their Jobs: Gallup’s latest numbers on employee engagement are out, and they aren’t good, writes Talent Management editor Frank Kalman.

2. Engagement at Work Derives From Happiness: Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling takes on some of the deeper issues involving what makes employees engaged at work.

3. Help Employees Explore New Career Paths: Transparency and knowledge sharing help provide answers for employees seeking clarity and specificity about what it takes to be successful and build their careers. Randy Emelo, president and CEO of Triple Creek, an enterprise knowledge sharing software company, has more.

4. Study: Some Bosses Have an Employee They’d Like to Leave: Instead of outright firing an employee, some bosses prefer to express subtle behaviors with the hope that employees will leave the company on their own, a new survey shows.

5. Top Incentives for Global Relocation: A few upfront incentives can entice employees to accept overseas assignments and allow the company to stay on budget.

In Other News …

What a week it’s been. The editors here at Talent Management just spent a good portion of the week at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2013 Conference and Exposition — which, thankfully, was in our hometown of Chicago this year, sparing us a hectic travel schedule and ensuring we would each be able to sleep in our own beds at night.

If you’ve never been to the conference — informally referred to as “SHRM” — then you’re missing quite a spectacle. Something tells me many of our readers have attended. This year’s attendance reached more than 15,000 people, and included a performance Tuesday night by Kelly Clarkson.

Editor Deanna Hartley and I had quite an exciting time, meeting with a variety of interesting companies in the HR and talent management space, viewing some interesting keynote speeches, and, of course, taking in the usual shenanigans happening around the expo hall. Read our recap blogs from the first day here and the second day here.