Employee Confidence Dips in May

New York — June 5

After reaching its highest number in April since before the 2008 recession, the Randstad Employee Confidence Index decreased 2.2 points in May to 54.8. The Employee Confidence Index tracks several measures of employee confidence, including micro- and macro-economic measures.

The online survey conducted by Harris Interactive included 1,069 employed U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

The research from the staffing firm also found that the Macro Confidence Index — a measure of confidence in the strength of the economy and the number of jobs available — decreased from April to 42.6, down 4.2 points. The decrease in positive sentiment was consistent across age groups, income brackets and geographic locations.

However, while employee confidence decreased in areas such as the economy, employees still show signs of optimism in their ability to get a job — 48 percent in May responded they were confident versus 44 percent in April, according to the index.

Source: Randstad