The Week That Was

Kick off the long holiday weekend with these top five stories from for the week of May 20.

1. Five Ways to Engage Candidates During the Hiring Process: Today, sending out cookie-cutter messages to applicants is inadequate. Try these tips to build a relationship-oriented talent community and deep bench of candidates. Erin Bazinet, a sourcing team manager at Seven Step Recruiting, has the story.

2. Survey: Clothing Choice Affects Promotion Prospects: In a survey from OfficeTeam, 80 percent of executives said clothing choices affect an employee’s chances of earning a promotion — and some respondents gave some pretty hilarious examples of outfits that missed the mark.

3. Five Strategies to Help Employers Navigate Health Care Reform | Video: Jessica Saperstein, division vice president at ADP, offers practical advice for employers as they continue to grapple with the complexities of health care reform.

4. Study: More Than Half of Companies Have Been Affected by a Bad Hire: More than half of employers in each of the 10 largest global economies said that a bad hire has negatively impacted business, according to a new study.

5. With Underperformers, Know When to Hold and When to Fold: Employees with lagging performance can sometimes be turned around, but talent leaders have to evaluate whether it’s worth the time and resource investment to do so. Patrick Sweeney, president of human resources consulting firm Caliper, has more.

In Other News …

The suburban office park, once a mainstay for large corporate offices, is getting made over, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“Hoping to stave off suburban blight, local officials in more than a dozen communities have approved plans for developers to turn aging corporate parks into urban-style complexes with amenities including apartments, stores, movie theaters, bike paths and office space.”


Also, maybe open-plan offices aren’t so great after all, according to this post from Business Insider.