What’s The Best Job for Non-College Grads?

Carlsbad, Calif. — May 21

A lack of a four-year degree doesn’t mean a rewarding career isn’t possible, according to a new report from CareerCast.com.

In the report, “Great Jobs Without a College Degree,” CareerCast.com identifies many careers where you can earn a good living with just a high school education and some additional training. These jobs include Web developer, paralegal assistant, skincare specialist, bookkeeper and plumber.

Self-employment can also open door to those without degrees, whether you are freelancing or operating your own business. For example, the information technology field is offering the tech-savvy a promising future. Web developers are in high demand and job seekers are gravitating to the field each year even without a specialized degree, according to the report.

CareerCast.com’s best jobs that don’t require a four-year degree:

Administrative assistant
Median Salary: $34,660

Automobile body repairer
Median Salary: $34,660

Median Salary: $34,040

Communications equipment mechanic
Median Salary: $54,710

Median Salary: $48,250

Median Salary: $36,640

Hair Stylist
Median Salary: $22,500

Industrial machine repairer
Median Salary: $44,160

Paralegal assistant
Median Salary: $46,680

Pest control worker
Median Salary: $30,340

Median Salary: $46,660

Median Salary: $ 25,240

Skincare Specialist
Median Salary: $28,920

Web developer
Median Salary: $75,660

Source: CareerCast.com