The Week That Was

Research shows that sunny days are made better when reading these top five stories from for the week of May 13. OK, that’s not true. But read them anyway.

1. Promote Internally vs. Hire Externally: Which Is Better?: Consider these best practices to help select the best leaders, and also to ensure their effectiveness and retention. David Brookmire, an executive adviser, researcher, author and authority in leadership effectiveness, has more.

2. The Face of the Future Workforce: Demographic projections suggest minority groups will become the majority in America earlier than expected. How will this affect the labor force and job market? Talent Management editor Jennifer Kahn has the story.

3. Rutgers: A Metaphor for the Business Bully: Basketball coach Mike Rice is just an example of someone who continued doing what he was being paid big bucks to do even if it was wrong, says blogger Aubrey Daniels.

4. Job Seekers Another Culprit in the ‘Black Hole’ Effect: Most job seekers spend as little as 50 seconds reading job postings, according to a recent study. The lesson for recruiters: Keep it brief and to the point. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

5. A Blueprint for Success: Use personality assessments to identify the traits that set top performers apart. Herbert Greenberg and Patrick Sweeney of Caliper Corp., a global human capital management assessment and development firm, have more.

In Other News …

Probably my favorite office story of the year. For most people working in offices, lunchtime is a generally uneventful peanut butter sandwich at their desk — OK, maybe that’s just me.

But as The New York Times reported last week, some New Yorkers are opting for a more exciting lunch-hour activity: hitting up the dance club scene.

If your a fan of great journalism, the story’s lead-in is an example in great storytelling:

When lunchtime comes around, Laurie Batista often grabs a salad near the Flatiron ad agency where she works as an executive assistant and eats it at her desk.

But shortly after noon on a sunny, 65-degree Friday in April, Ms. Batista, 31, jumped into a cab with three co-workers and headed west to Marquee, a nightclub on 10th Avenue. After waiting in a line that wrapped around onto 26th Street (and attracted the attention of the police, who wanted to know what was going on), she redeemed a drink ticket for a free cocktail of vodka and fruit punch. A half-hour later, she was wearing purple lensless Wayfarer-style glasses, waving a footlong foam glow stick and mouthing the words to Warren G’s ‘Regulate.'”