The Value of Diversity: Strategy & Execution

Excellence in strategy means doing more than achieving diversity and inclusion from a representation standpoint, and it means more than having one of every kind of diversity program. In this second look behind the curtain of Diversity Executive magazine’s benchmarking program, we examine strategy and execution at some of the participating companies in the Diversity Value Index (DVI).

DVI judges measured the quality of each applicant’s diversity strategy and the alignment it had to the organization’s mission and values as well as how the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy aligned to business performance. They looked for evidence of how the organization had aligned its mission to add value.

Where did the company invest time and resources from its diversity and inclusion function to maximize the impact on greater business goals?

Diversity can create value, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to executing diversity strategy. For instance, what is appropriate for a large multinational bank might be unworkable for a small nonprofit organization.

The March/April issue highlighted a DVI special report showcasing mission and values. This issue features strategy and execution, highlighting snapshots of DVI companies whose organizational diversity strategies exemplify excellence.

Upcoming issues will highlight:

• Leadership commitment (July/August).
• Measurement (September/October).

For more information on the Diversity Value Index, visit here.