A Third of Working Moms Are Sole Financial Providers

Chicago — May 9

Many working moms are shouldering the full financial burden of their households, closing in on the number of men who carry this responsibility, according to a new survey.

Thirty-four percent of working moms reported that they are the sole financial provider for their households, not far from the 39 percent of working dads who reported that they serve as the sole breadwinner, according to CareerBuilder’s annual study of working moms.

Working moms, however, still continue to struggle with finding a good balance between the office and home, the survey said, and often have to compromise quality time with their families. The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive Feb. 11 through March 6, included 411 working mothers and 420 working fathers with kids 18 and under who are living with them.

Demanding work environments have led to some women cutting their maternity leave short. Of women who have had a child in the last three years, 30 percent didn’t take the full maternity leave their company allowed, the survey found.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of women who have had a child in the last three years said they took more than eight weeks of maternity leave, 17 percent took four weeks or less and 12 percent took two weeks or less.

Juggling professional and personal obligations is an ongoing challenge. More than one in four working moms (28 percent) said their children have asked them to work less, according to the survey. Twenty-four percent reported that they spend two hours or less with their children each day during the week.

Source: CareerBuilder