U.S. Workers Increasingly Worried about Pay, Perks

New York — May 2

Workers in the United States are increasingly worried about their income and benefits security, as well as their employability, according to a new measure, with aggregated concerns regarding these issues showing a slight increase since last month.

These are among the findings of the recently-introduced Harris Poll Jobs and Benefits Security Index, which provides a score that is measured monthly to track the changing sentiment of U.S. workers.

This combined measure shows a strong and increasing concern, particularly among older and higher income workers, while individual concerns show more dramatic month-to-month shifts among all workers.

The Harris Poll Jobs and Benefits Security Index aims to offer an internal view into the workplace by reporting on the job/benefits security pulse of the worker. The online survey of 935 U.S. workers was conducted between April 15 and April 17.

Other key findings include:

• More U.S. workers expect to do more work without getting more money in the next three months.
• More U.S. workers expect to have their salary or hours reduced in the next three months.
• Less U.S. workers believe that if they were going to look for a new job, they would be able to find one.
• And less U.S. workers believe they will get a raise from their employer or receive better retirement benefits in the next three months.

Source: Harris Interactive