As Office Technology Emerges, Admins Left to Train Themselves

Kansas City, Mo. — April 19

Administrative staff isn’t being given the training they need to use evolving mobile and cloud technologies, new research suggests.

A new infographic, with data drawn from the International Association of Administrative Professionals and other sources, showed that while more companies are using mobile devices and cloud apps, about 6 million office professionals in North America alone get 10 hours or fewer of training every year provided by their employers.

About half of those office professionals are completely responsible for their own training and get little training support from their employers.

The infographic includes nine facts that illustrate the unhealthy relationship between the rise of the virtual office and the lack of training for office professionals:

• 40 percent of the global workforce uses mobile technology for their jobs.
• 75 percent of the world’s largest companies encourage employees to use their own devices at work.
• 58 percent of companies in a recent survey said they’ve deployed mobile enterprise apps for customers and clients.
• 71 percent of respondents to a recent survey predicted most or all of their tasks at work will be done using mobile or cloud technology.

Source: International Association of Administrative Professionals